Amber Properties Company—Provided building demolition, site grading and balancing, all underground utilities and storm sewer system, all foundations and structural flatwork for a 40 unit 3 1/2 floor apartment complex.

Amber Properties Company—Provided concrete removal, site balancing and grading, all underground utilities and storm sewer retention systems, foundations, flatwork and poured walls for the construction of a 72 unit town home complex.

State of Michigan—Building demolition, AST, UST and contaminated soil removal.  Approximately 7,000 tons of contaminated soil was removed for the remediation of the Former Pulse Oil Site.

Royal Oak Schools—Complete demolition of two schools.  Each building was approximately 35,000 square feet and constructed of steel and reinforced concrete.  Also, provided backfill, compaction and site restoration.

Macomb County Drain Commission—This project was a combined effort between Macomb County and a private developer.  Universal Consolidated installed over 400 linear feet of 90” reinforced concrete pipe for improvements to Teske Drain located in Fraser, Michigan.

Amber Abodements—Clawson, MI

Franklin and Parker Elementary Demolition—Royal Oak, MI

Pulse Oil Remediation—Mt. Clemens, MI

Amber Oak Townehomes—Royal Oak, MI

Teske Drain Project—Fraser, MI

Project List